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Making dataset quality
At the core of our mission, we specialize in enhancing data quality through advanced quality assurance and annotation optimization. Our expertise lies in ensuring the precision and reliability of datasets, which form the backbone of AI model training.
In industries where accuracy is not just a requirement but a necessity, Quality Match stands as a pivotal partner in the journey towards AI excellence.

Our commitment is to empower AI and ML applications with the highest standard of data, leveraging innovative methodologies and cutting-edge tools. We are dedicated to shaping the future of AI with data that you can trust.

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We are a team of specialists.
We have a wealth of experience in the worlds of artificial intelligence, machine learning and annotation. Our goal is to raise the standard in quality assured data sets, with unique annotation strategies and a global userbase of contributors that can scale throughput to unprecedented levels.
Dr. Daniel Kondermann | Managing Director
Daniel received his habilitation at Heidelberg University in the field of machine learning and data science. His startup, Pallas Ludens, enabled automotive and medical imaging companies to collect large machine learning training datasets. After about three years, in 2016, Daniel and his team joined Apple, where he worked for three years on dataset design, annotation and data quality for computer vision tasks.
Dr. Mirko Schmidt | Chief Technology Officer
Mirko received his Ph.D. in physics from Heidelberg University in 2012. His research in the field of image processing for 3D cameras was carried out in close collaboration with Sony. He then relocated to Silicon Valley with Microsoft; in their research department, he focused on technology which launched in Kinect for XBox One and HoloLens.

Location – Heidelberg, DE

Discover innovation at its core in Heidelberg, nestled in the Rhine-Neckar region. Our headquarters blend seamlessly into this European research hub, surrounded by the beauty of the world-famous Heidelberg Castle and vibrant landscapes.

We are Quality Match

Ehab | Software Developer
Ehab is a software developer with a focus on frontend development. He enjoys Astronomy and has touched the Pyramids.
Ehab, BSc in Mechanical Engineering
Luzi | Product Manager
With a broad background in human technology interaction and B2B product development, Luzi supports the team in finding the right user problems and converting them into solutions. She enjoys every kind of outdoor activity and has a weakness for the Atlantic coast.
Luzi, M.Sc. Human Factors

We offer work and living environments where creativity and innovation can flourish.

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